1131 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Sonny Knockout

Sonny Knockout

The Soaks, The Up Up Ups

Fri, July 1, 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Sonny Knockout
Sonny Knockout
We last left our space travelers on one final mission:

To aboard the S.S. Showmanship in search for a fantastic planet before it's final return to third Earth.

Unfortunately, halfway through the No-Wave Galaxy, it was evident that a crew that once stood six strong would be reduced to a mighty four.

After an interstellar tailspin and a knockout blast of sunshine, the surviving crew had no choice, but to return home: Mission incomplete

Sonny Knockout was formed to entertain you, for as long as we both be continued.
The Soaks
From the gritty graffiti clad walls of a Tijuana bar to the sweaty pulsing crowd in a smoke filled house party,The Soaks are the fuzzy garage soundtrack to whatever half drunk inevitably regrettable decisions you made the night before. Equal parts sugar dipped hooks and driving, no frills punk, the San Diego four piece's frenzied barrage channels timeless Southern California sounds. With the addition of organ, synths and weaving vocal harmonies, The Soaks both expand and define their hard hitting and relentlessly catchy assault
The Up Up Ups
We're just four kids with a love of the finer things in life- power pop, rock and roll, and animals dressed like people.
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The Boot & Saddle
1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19147