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Empath, Queen Jesus

Thu, August 11, 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

At the intriguing intersection of metaphysics and rock and roll, you will find the new Saintseneca album Such Things. While the thematic concerns of the record address the very nature of human consciousness, the decidedly hook-centric sound serves as a delightfully visceral counterpoint, infusing the band's unique melding of folk, punk and epic rock with a very earthly sense of groove. At its core, Such Things is entirely accessible and undeniably powerful, unquestionably Saintseneca's most cohesive, catchy output, and a work that cements the band's singer songwriter Zac Little's status as one of modern indie music's most thoughtful and talented artists.
Bolstering the more streamlined "pop" compositions is a raucous and fuzzed out sonic palette that beautifully accentuates the record's power of engagement."When we were getting ready to record with Mike (Mogis of Bright Eyes), I told him I wanted the songs to be filtered through sixties psychedelic pop," Little explains. "Not like a throwback record, because I didn't write those type of songs. What we wanted were modern songs that sounded like a band had gone back in time to record them."
Since its origin in 2007 as an teenage bluegrass outfit in Appalachian Ohio, then its growth to a large, multi-instrumental live rock and folk collective whose onstage experiments would find their way to tape on 2011's Last, and then the more traditional approach of writing and recording in making Dark Arc, Saintseneca has largely been Little's machine. A meticulous, tireless craftsman, he began writing for Such Things by demoing songs composed of anywhere from two to one-hundred-and-fifty tracks, which he then shared with his bandmates to serve as reference points for their own invented parts.
"Even though it might seem like this singular vision, at the core my creative strategy for the band is one that inherently involves other people. I think the best work I'll make involves working that way. Ultimately, by involving other people that are really talented and that I admire, we'll come up with something that will transcend what any individual would be capable of. To me that's the ultimate creative goal; to have that element of spontaneity and the culmination of multiple minds."
warm earth noise pop from west philly
Queen Jesus
When Pat Brier saw the words “king god” written on an abandoned truck in his hometown of Scranton, PA, he knew he’d found the perfect name for his recording project.

Unfortunately, that name was already taken, and a cease and desist letter soon found its way to Pat’s mailbox; thus, Queen​ ​Jesus​ was born.

The Philadelphia indie-rock outfit may have started as a solo project—Brier played every part on the 8-track recordings he made back in 2012 while living in his parents’ basement—but it has since become a solid quintet. Brier was already used to working closely with Matt Schimelfenig thanks to Three​ ​Man​ ​Cannon​, and Schimelfenig was happy to help get Queen Jesus off the ground. Seasoned players Tim Jordan, Justin Fox, and Billy Fries joined in a year or so later, each bringing something different from their own musical endeavors (too many to list here, really) to the table. Eventually Brier moved from guitar to drums, and the lineup was set.

Influenced by genre touchstones like Sparklehorse and Neil Young, Queen Jesus makes the sort of lilting, daydreamy slowcore well-suited for long car rides or late night space outs. Their songs are easy to get lost in, with Brier’s hushed vocals resting comfortably on top of hazy guitar lines. In live performances especially, the long years of friendship (and overlapping band membership) are obvious; watching them play is like watching one singular brain at work rather than individual musicians. And that same easy attitude comes through in their recordings, most recently on 2016’s Tar Ranch EP. They’re currently at work on their second full length, due out next year.
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The Boot & Saddle
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