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Sam Roberts Band

Sam Roberts Band


Sat, November 26, 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Sam Roberts Band
Sam Roberts Band
In March of 2016, Sam Roberts Band holed themselves up at the Bathouse, The Tragically Hip's studio near Kingston, Ontario to record their sixth full length album, TerraForm. They went in with the lake still covered by ice and emerged 4 weeks later, in the first days of spring, bearing with them new music…

In co-producer Graham Walsh of H*ly F*ck, the band found not just a kindred spirit, but someone willing to lead them away from well-trodden paths and into new, uncertain terrain: "Graham always pushed the sonic elements of the songs to the limit…tweaking sounds until they contributed more than just the sum of their parts…using sound to create emotion in the same way that words and melody can," says SRB frontman and songwriter,
Sam Roberts. "Not to mention that he was forced to live under the same roof as us and lived to tell the tale!"

The album takes flight with the title track TerraForm, a story of escape from the ashes of a dying world. “Terraforming is the idea of going to another planet and making it viable for humans. For this record, I saw it as planting the seeds for that same sort of renewal in your own life – that regardless of how much you have broken the parts of your life along the way, there is always a chance to start over… for yourself and the people you care about” says Roberts. "Most of these songs are love songs, but love songs that grapple with it's many faces - beautiful and ugly, healing and destructive."

FIEND looks back through the years, identifying LOVE as the one constant that binds us, while Black Spark shine's light on the cryptic, shadowy web that love can weave in both heart and mind. Tourist Trap takes on a cosmic love triangle between constellations, just as the House Inside holds up an
unclouded mirror to the daily reality of making a family work. "It's about never giving up on your family, no matter what life throws at you or whatever paths, destructive or not, you choose to walk as an individual - you have to recognize that it all comes back to the people you’re sharing your life with,” Roberts says

If the TerraForm story begins in the dust and ashes and the quest for a new home, the lead single If You Want It speaks to the self-destructive forces that helped drive us towards calamity. "The protagonist of the song, compelled by greed and driven to crime, embarks on a trip to hell…and hopefully back again," says Roberts. In Roll With The Spirits, we are duped by the soothing
promises of a Snake-Oil peddler, selling happiness by the pound…Things break down, then they crack. The album closes with Spring Fever and the sounds of life bubbling back to the surface. We've come full-circle, we have a chance to do it all over again. In the chorus Roberts sings "We're on our
way… Don't know where we're going but we're here today." An
acknowledgement that the future is a web of unknown possibilities but that we have the gift of being alive right now!
Originally hailing from Ottawa, Hollerado burst onto the world stage in 2010 with their debut Record In A Bag. The LP introduced music fans to Hollerado's irresistible guitar-pop and earned them a 2011 JUNO nomination for "Best New Artist". Their savvy DIY approach, along with their incredible talent and tenacity, saw the band gain international attention in short order. Hollerado's penchant for making super creative and share-worthy music videos like uber-viral Americanarama, which with over 1 Million YouTube views, helped solidify the bands' popularity. Tours in China and Brazil, and shows with Flaming Lips, Weezer and Jack White's The Dead Weather soon followed.

In February 2013, Hollerado released their highly anticipated sophomore album White Paint. The 11 tracks stand out as a reflection of the sheer volume of life experience and the hundreds of shows members Menno Versteeg, Dean Baxter and brothers Nixon and Jake Boyd have played since forming in 2007. The lead single "Pick Me Up" hit #3 at Modern Rock and was the #1 most added track at Alternative after only three weeks at radio. "So It Goes" just hit Canadian radio last week and is already Top 20 on the Alternative radio chart and Top 20 on the BDS Modern Rock chart.

In keeping with their boundless creativity and DIY approach the band invited friends to a warehouse party in a suburb of Toronto where they hand painted every single physical copy of the record with a signature stroke of white paint. The LP earned the band further critical acclaim and a chance to cross Canada in support of Canadian rock legends Billy Talent earlier this year.

On July 31, 2013, Hollerado released a video for the single "So It Goes" from their most recent LP White Paint on the band's own label, Royal Mountain Records. Directed by award-winning video director Marc Ricciardelli (Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Hedley) the documentary-esque video captures an incredible "reunion" and story of forgiveness.

The song is written about lead singer Menno Versteeg's Dutch grandfather and the incredible story of how his life was spared by a Nazi officer during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in WWII. After the war, Menno's "Opa" who was part of the Dutch Resistance, testified on behalf of the former SS soldier during a tribunal and recounted how the man had compassionately spared his life. In doing so, Menno's grandfather help spare the German's life in return. With the help of the Dutch government, the band was actually able to track down the German's grandson, and Menno and the grandson - who are alive today because of both of their grandfathers' compassion and courage - have an emotional meeting in Munich while Hollerado was in Rotterdamn shooting the music video. The best part is the incredible meet-up, documented in a special long version of the video. The video premiered on Huffington Post (USA/CAN), instantly became front-page news and the story has spread to national TV news, talk shows and appearances.

"Crazy-catchy melodies, raging hooks and riffs seal the deal" — SPIN
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