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The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band

Shapes in Calgary, Suburban Living

Fri, July 14, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

The Spinto Band
The Spinto Band
Veteran independent label Bar/None is re-releasing the label debut of Delaware indie-poppers the Spinto Band Nice And Nicely Done in a deluxe vinyl edition on June 16. The re-issue features two LPs, the original album and twelve previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Nice and Nicely Done is a remarkable recording that was wise beyond the years of the band members, some of whom were just graduating high school when the album originally came out in June 2005. The album was cutting edge indie rock with one ear to the future, pre-dating the breezy but bristling sound of acts like Vampire Weekend. At the same time, the Spintos had clearly soaked up key elements of rock history: the Beach Boys’ harmonies, Beatles’ penchant for addictive guitar hooks, the Strokes’ power-drone, Queen’s dramaturgy, the Cure’s angst and Pavement delicious slackness.

Before the album release there was a bidding war for the European rights to the album with Virgin winning the prize. In addition the album earned considerable media acclaim including a 7.3 rating at Pitchfork and these accolades:

"An unexpected slacker-pop gem ... with espresso-strength hooks and an
eclectic approach to arranging." -Entertainment Weekly

“…the album’s zippy, hook-filled power pop bursts with new-wave keyboards, Strokes-like guitar riffs, ecstatic vocal harmonies and kid-in-a-candy-store touches of electric mandolins, handclaps and, on “Brown Boxes,” kazoos.”-Magnet

"Giggly, exuberant, intensely melodic indie pop" with "addictive harmonies." Spin Magazine

The new version of Nice And Nicely Done features the album it initially came out in its entirety including Spinto Band staples like "Oh Mandy," “Brown Boxes," “Japan is an Island" as well as a full dozen songs recorded during the original sessions getting their first release here.

The Spinto story began in Wilmington, Delaware with two sets of brothers, Thomas and Sam Hughes, and Jeff and Joey Hobson, plus their high school friends Albert Birney and Jon Eaton. A weekend side-project band called Free Beer began to distill in the Hughes family basement. Nick Krill joined the band in late '97 and the group was renamed after his guitarist grandfather Roy Spinto. The energy was undeniable. They made quirky 4-track recordings, and noodled around as a studio band. They put out a few download-only albums then in 1999, producer Robin Eaton, heard their song about a “psychedelic carrot.” He invited them to record at his Alex the Great Studios in Nashville. The band went down, did two songs, then went home. They were invited back to Nashville and continued to visit yearly and record a few more songs each time until they’d accumulated the material that’d comprise Nice And Nice Done, both the original release and the new expanded edition.

“Oh Mandy” the hypnotic uke-driven number from the original album has endured with 2 million plays on Spotify and counting. The unreleased material is so good it is puzzling it didn’t make the album in the first place especially the rave-up small town anthem “Smallberg” and the mysterious youthful breakup tune “Don’t take It Personal" that sounds like a lost Psychedelic Furs gem.

 The band went on to record four more albums including a movie soundtrack to the documentary Biba1 Island, 879 Votes about the democratic voting process on a small south Pacific island.

Band member Nick Krill re-signed with Bar/None as part of a new interactive video/band project called Teen Men that also features Spinto member Joe Hobson and longtime Spinto collaborator Albert Birney. Krill continues to work as a producer and recording engineer, being involved with recent records with The Dove and The Wolf, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The War On Drugs. In addition. Krill has toured with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah as a guitarist and keyboard player. Thomas Hughes continues recording his project Carol Cleveland Sings and has been scoring music for films. 

Discussions are underway for tour dates celebrating the tenth anniversary of Nice and Nicely Done.
Shapes in Calgary
Shapes in Calgary started as a collaboration between songwriter Alyssa Ciorciari and producer Gary Atturio in their tiny, home recording studio.The goal at the beginning was to make simple, small-sounding pop music using only a drum machine and a 1980's synthesizer. The restrictive nature of the project forced the duo to focus mainly on their songwriting and arranging abilities. After completing their first batch of demos, the two felt confident enough to share with close friends and collaborators Tim McCoy (drums) and Billy Libby (guitar). Now a four piece, Shapes in Calgary has maintained their simplistic approach to writing and performing, though they've since fleshed out their skeletal demos. In September 2016, they released their debut 5 song EP entitled "Happy Now."
Suburban Living
Suburban Living
Some things just take time. Nothing could be truer for Philadelphia's Suburban Living, a project originally envisioned in 2011 as a solo endeavor of Virginia native Wesley Bunch. Yet, after 5 years and a move to Philadelphia, Bunch found Suburban Living to be much more than solely his own, joining forces with seasoned musicians Michael Cammarata, Peter Pantina, and Chris Radwanski in his newfound home. The resulting collaborative relationship amongst these four refreshed the project and expanded upon the already impressive groundwork laid by Bunch.

In early 2015, on the heels of touring throughout the U.S. and Japan, Suburban Living began writing what would become the band's sophomore full length, "Almost Paradise." During this time, a chance meeting with Philadelphia-based engineer Jeff Zeigler (The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing) led to Zeigler offering to work with the band on their next recording. "Working with Jeff was pretty amazing. I’d never worked with an engineer that knew exactly how I wanted something to sound without me having to express it." explains Bunch. The support of Zeigler, as well as his bandmates, equipped Bunch to spearhead undeniably the best Suburban Living material to date.
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