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Overcoming Gravity, Camp Candle

Fri, August 18, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:15 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

John Vaughn (lead vocals/guitar) and Ben Lapps (drums) started writing songs in a basement as a duo before being joined by Matt Alvarado (bass) to form their current lineup, PUBLIC. Using their roots in classic rock and indie-pop, the band released their first EP, Red, in 2012, solidifying a strong fanbase in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Quickly after, the band found themselves on the road supporting acts such as Walk the Moon, Twenty One Pilots, Young the Giant, as well as participating in major festivals like Forecastle, Bunbury, CMJ, and SXSW, giving them exposure to a variety of crowds and fanbases.

Following the release of their second EP, Let's Make It, and embarking on their first national tour supporting Walk the Moon, the band was invited to work with producer Eric Palmquist (Mars Volta, Bad Suns) in Los Angeles, CA. With their new touring experience, as well as the creative atmosphere of a new environment, the band embraced the influences of alternative and pop sounds to craft their 2015 single, Heartbeating. Released while on a national tour with Oh Honey, the single received nods from reputable blogs like Kings of A&R ("The trio makes their mark with an effortless sense of harmony and entertaining musicality") and Good Music All Day ("Heartbeating presents PUBLIC as a rising rock band with a contagious indie style").

As momentum continues to grow, PUBLIC looks to make a big impact with their upcoming releases in 2016, carrying a message that someone's identity can be found outside the lines of what's expected or acceptable. The music and lyrics are there to communicate honest experiences and express the vulnerable truth that PUBLIC is made up of three humans that desire to use music as a means to connect.
Overcoming Gravity
“Don’t wait the time is now, can you hear me?”

Philadelphia-bred rock band Overcoming Gravity is on a mission to wake the people up, but not to the issues and problems of society, but rather to the beauty and vitality and possibility inherent in our lives right this moment. That’s the essence of rock ‘n’ roll: live for today and believe in yourself and there’s no limit on who we can be or what we can accomplish. Take this message, and present it in a package that is 2 parts slick modern rock and 1 part pure classic raunch and you’ve got Overcoming Gravity.

Formed in 2013 as the brainchild of Phil La Placa, Overcoming Gravity's latest chapter begins in fall 2016, when Phil saw guitarist Jon Sheairs play a show in South Philly. The duo shared an instant connection through their music, and immediately began writing a new collection of songs with a raunch and energy neither had experienced before. A true yin and yang pair, Phil’s bold, punchy blues rock-based riffs provide a perfect foundation for Sheairs’ spacious, sweetly melodic lead guitar. Joined by the rhythms of longtime drummer Anthony Bui and the tight grooves of bassist Beau Vega, Overcoming Gravity seeks to pay homage to rock ‘n’ roll’s past while pushing it forward and bringing it to a new generation.

The journey thus far has seen the creation of an Overcoming Gravity Pandora station, the release of a successful EP, and several appearances on Radio 104.5 Philadelphia. Now armed with a new stable of songs, the band has spent the summer bank in the studio, gearing up for a new full length release set to hit the shelves in late 2017. With an ever-growing list of shows across the northeast leading up to that point, Overcoming Gravity looks forward to using its new songs to elevate the masses and enliven spirits.
Camp Candle
Camp Candle
Two friends from Philadelphia embark on a journey. A journey full of spirituality and music. They are Camp Candle.

She is Hetepsa, and he is Nu Ra. They met in high school, namely an agricultural high school. W.B Saul High School, an outlet away from the decadence that plagued the city streets. It was very special to both Hetepsa and Nu Ra because they would be able to explore most of the massive 130-acre campus. They both participated in many activities in school.

Living in the city of Philadelphia, they noticed something about their city. Most youth did not have the same outlet they've experienced. Crime is growing at an alarming rate. Schools are being closed every month. The youth need something, enter Camp Candle. The mission of Camp Candle is to use their light to spread it amongst the city. Camp Candle is for the people.

Camp Candle draws it's influences from many places. You can find hints of synth pop, hip hop, indie rock, soul, and many other styles of music. The song writing process of Camp Candle is very unique. Nu Ra, who does 1/2 of the production starts the instrumentation. When Hetepsa brings her flavor, she moves the music along with her lyrics and voice.
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