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HEATMAP, Endless Teeth

Wed, November 15, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

With well over a decade of experience under it's belt you'd expect Athens, GA's Cinemechanica to have a pile of records completed. Indeed, it'd be entirely reasonable to expect that the distance between 2006's The Martial Arts and 2016's LP/2 should have been punctuated with more than the EP that was 2008's Rivals. Sure, that'd be reasonable but it'd also be completely wrong.

The fact is that while Cinemechanica cut its teeth years ago those very chompers have been worn into fangs through years of live performance, an unbelievably focused sense of composition, and—most recently—a level of aggressive sneer that they'd previously only hinted at. From the opening blast of “Hang Up The Spurs” to the final hyper melodic bleed out of “Biblical Noise” the descriptors flash through the mind like subliminal screens in a movie house. Immediacy. Mood. Action Pacing. And when the sweat starts to pour out and the ears begin their tell-tale tingle of being heavily worked out, the body/brain divide dissolves into a blur of realities that seem to only alternate between the sharp pin-pricks of anxiety and the full breath of catharsis.

Cinemechanica is centered around the constant trio of guitarist Bryant Williamson, bassist Joel Hatstat, and drummer Mike Albanese. For LP/2 they were joined by guitarist/vocalist Jordan Olivera but henceforth the new fourth creative branch will be Bryan Aiken (Lazer/Wulf). The group tends to plot its music methodically and often works for months over a single portion of a single song. For lesser bands this is complete overkill; for Cinemechanica it’s a case of not committing to a single part until they can commit to every part. This dedication in practice makes for line-drive focus in the studio, and I'd bet you dollars to donuts engineer Kevin Ratterman (Young Widows, My Morning Jacket) at Louisville, KY's La La Land could tell this from day one. By the time Kurt Ballou (Converge) mixed the record at his Massachussetts based GodCity, it was poised to easily stand alongside everything that man ever touched.

All of which is to say Cinemechanica is a tightly wound, years long experiment plowing the permafrost between the most had-enough-of-it hardcore punk, intelligent-yet-unpretentious math rock and genuinely-non-dork cerebral metal. For too many years the best of all these worlds was locked in a cultural power struggle that held each genre individually was required to bring, respectively, vacuous politics,a graduate degree in the humanities, and hell, I don't know, wizards and shit to the table. Cinemechanica said no to all that. Which means you can say yes.

And then you can say thank you.

Gordon Lamb – Athens, GA
Heatmap is proof that post-post-punk’s not dead. And Pulses, the band’s debut EP is proof of that old post-punk axiom: You can take three middle-class kids out of the suburbs, but you can't take the unearned suburban angst out of three middle-class kids.

Drummer Phil Sutton and guitarist Michael Friedrich, childhood friends from Long Island, were founding members of the forgotten Frenchkiss Records band Rahim. Bassist Eric Freda and Sutton, who met in college, later played together in the forgotten Philadelphia band Wigwams.

Pillaging the minor vinyl of the Touch & Go and Dischord catalogues, Heatmap pieces together a fresh vision of stark melody and economy. The trio documented the outcome of their first six months together in a weekend recording session with Philadelphia producer Jeff Zeigler. “The idea,” says Sutton, “was to make circular songs with caveman beats you can feel.” Pulses will be available November 17 digitally and on limited edition cassette from Dimension Arts.
Endless Teeth
Thick fuzzed-out guitar and bass slathered over pounding drums with screaming melodies; meet Endless Teeth, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-everything, NJ.
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