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Dark Blue (Record Release Show!)

WKDU 91.7fm Presents

Dark Blue (Record Release Show!)

Dick Diver, Void Vision

Sat, September 27, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Blue follow up their debut LP, ‘Pure Reality’, with ‘Start Of The World’ (12XU) – a soundtrack of a decaying United States. Each song drips with the realities of atrocities happening all around us ; John Sharkey III (Vocals, Guitar) pushes Dark Blue far beyond the post-punk meets oi sound they perfected on their earlier releases, and adds elements of brit-pop and shoegaze. Recorded by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, Nothing), ‘Start Of The World’ is a pop album that makes no apologies.

Boot stomping opener “Union of Buffoons,” sets the political tone for this album with an anthem for workers’ rights. Sharkey’s biting lyrics: “You can’t fight this, you can’t win…screw you once, they’ll screw you twice,” is a reference to human expendability in the face of deregulation and the stagnancy of labor rights. “Never Wanted to Hurt You” is a pop song in the highest order with guts and an undeniable chorus that would make Noel Gallagher jealous even at his most jaded.

The 50′s doo-woop and surf rock sound of “Bombs on the Beach” initially feels like a left turn for the band, evoking a playful innocence against a sunny backdrop. But the lyrics prove this is truly a Dark Blue song, tearing through any cheerfulness as jarring and abrupt as words can be to describe the reality of dropping missiles on a beach of unsuspecting Palestinian children. Sharkey’s voice is heavy with the despair of survivor’s guilt: “Now I’m holding my baby’s hand, as he lies bleeding to death in the sand.” This is another pointed song full of sentiment as much as it is an impassioned call for accountability for the crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip.

While this album shows off new and varying degrees of Sharkey’s vocal intensity, Andrew Mackie Nelson (Bass, Ceremony) and Michael Sneeringer (Drums, Strand of Oaks) shine, guiding the songs in ways other releases haven’t shown before . Tracks such as “Be Gone Everyone” and “Western Front” underscore just how comfortable the band has gotten.

‘Start Of The World’ is the kind of record that Dark Blue has always promised: a collection of smart, fully realized songs that tell real stories. With the world falling apart around us, Dark Blue continues to give voice to neglected perspectives, many unnerving but all necessary to hear. We need a defiant record like this to remind us that just as there was start to all of this destruction, there can also be an end. – Sean Gray.
Dick Diver
Dick Diver
Melbourne deep pop thinkers Dick Diver have triumphed in 2013 with second album Calendar Days, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again.

Warm, wide and inviting, Calendar Days is a magnificent Australian pop album, hailed as one of the year’s finest to date.

The album’s success has seen the band shine at Golden Plains and Brisbane Festival this year, play sold out shows around the nation and bask in the glow of reviews such as “the unexpected Australian break-out record of the year” (Herald Sun), “everyday Australian life made bittersweet and poetic” (Rolling Stone) and “feels like an old friend, the kind that can comfort you through dark times” (Courier Mail).

Formed in 2008, Dick Diver have been special from the outset. Guitarists Rupert Edwards and Alistair McKay, drummer Steph Hughes (Boomgates) and bassist Al Montfort (Total Control, UV Race, Lower Plenty et al), found an immediate chemistry, pitting Rupert and Alistair‘s bookish proclivities against Steph and Al’s casual, scrappy charm.

Their combination of widescreen Australian warmth and irreverent punk edge appeared almost fully formed on 2009 debut EP Arks Up, before 2011 debut album New Start Again made its way onto a swathe of year’s end best-of polls.

All their records to date have been recorded by Mikey Young (of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring) in out of the way locations, including a farmhouse in the Dandenongs and a Philip Island holiday house.

Word about the band is also spreading outside Australian borders. Dick Diver have just shared a vinyl single with one of Montfort‘s other bands Lower Plenty, as part of the 2013 singles club series for iconic US label Matador.
Void Vision
Void Vision
Void Vision is Shari Vari.
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