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Streets Of Laredo

Streets Of Laredo

Line & Circle

Sun, October 26, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Streets Of Laredo
Streets Of Laredo
It's always hard to put your finger on the exact moment a band began, but it's safe to say that Streets of Laredo probably started in a beach-house on the wild Coromandel coast of New Zealand back in the summer of 2012. A handful of Gibsons (Dave, Dan & Sarah) started throwing some songs at some long-time musical collaborators (including Si Moore), an old-fashioned hoe-down ensued, someone shouted out a band name and it all became a fact before anyone could catch their breath. Inspired by the evangelical fervor of the 70's folk circuit that spawned modern day re-incarnations like Alex Ebert, Joshua Tilman and Arcade Fire, Streets of Laredo quickly gelled around the idea of a traveling family band playing unruly sing-along tunes with whatever instruments were at hand. Add in a few timely demos and the growing desire to take on a new challenge and before you know it the Streets family played one show in their home town and then packed up their New Zealand lives and transplanted themselves halfway round the world to Brooklyn, NY. "In the fall of 2012 we found ourselves a rehearsal space in an industrial building in Bushwick, just off the Morgan stop, and started playing one of our first songs, 'Girlfriend' over and over for hours on end. Just trying to figure out our sound, who we were, and how we were possibly gonna survive in this town. The only thing we knew was that we'd finally made it to New York and we sure as hell weren't about to leave." Pretty quickly the four-piece met some remarkable people from Bushwick's vibrant music scene and gathered around them a wider family of players who would eventually form a tight-knit seven-piece band that'd well and truly find their place in the local scene. A quick trip back to New Zealand in early 2013 saw the band track the bones of EP 'Volume I & II'. Calling in years of friendships and owed favours, those ten songs, which would turn into their debut release, the double sessions in an old converted Auckland theatre proved to be landmark in locking down that distinctive Streets of Laredo sound. "A bunch of blogs started calling Girlfriend 'Twisty Psychedelic Folk', which seemed fairly appropriate. We definitely all have a passion for rock solid songs and arrangements built around a bizarre sonic palette. Kinda like if Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor produced Paul Simon's songs being sung by Sharon van Etten. Or something." However you describe it, the resulting songs and sound of 'Volume I & II' have had an instant effect on fans and critics alike, with widely hailed comparisons to Arcade Fire, Edward Sharpe and even 'The Lumineers on Acid' being mentioned. Add to that sound a mesmerizing stage show featuring multiple stand-up drummers, horn players, guitars in every corner of the stage, weird home-made instruments and five-part harmonies, and it's easy to see why Streets of Laredo won the AAA category of the world-wide Unsigned Artists competition and were feted as a must-see band at 2013's CMJ Music Marathon in NYC. Streets of Laredo are: Daniel Gibson, Dave Gibson, Sarah Gibson, Si Moore, Tom Darlow, Sean McMahon, and Andrew McGovern.
Line & Circle
Line & Circle
Line & Circle was born of the collaboration between Brian J. Cohen & Brian Egan, friends and bandmates who met at college in the Midwest. Cohen was from Akron, Ohio, pre-med and penny-loafered and overtly Anglophilic. Egan was the quiet guy down the hall, the classically trained pianist, born and raised in Dayton, with Guided by Voices playing through his ever-shut door.
So…two guys named Brian from the Midwest.
But also, lines and circles are the elements of, well, everything. The shapes that formed the essence of the very first cave paintings. The forms that make up every letter of every alphabet in every language. And now, the ones and zeros that make up binary code. An entire history of communication, stripped back to its essence, leads to these two simple shapes.
Yes, everything. For as long as we've been here.
The two Brians moved to California. Their lives were binary now too, divided into before and after. Before was the place they came from–––Ohio, with its blue-collar spirit, familiar apple-cheeked faces, and long cold winters–––and after was the place they went to–––Los Angeles, with its jammed freeways and long-haired girls and relentlessly good weather.
They had no choice but to buy sunglasses and write songs.
Their new material was leaner than their previous collaborations, and yet somehow bigger. Less trees, more sky. Their early demos caught the ear of White Iris' Lewis Pesacov, who previously produced debut albums for Best Coast and Nikki Lane. They took to the studio, along with a newly formed band, including guitarist Eric Neujahr, bassist Nathan Gammill and drummer Nick Cisik. There, with nods to early 4AD dream pop and chiming I.R.S. Records-era guitar rock, the group pared the songs to their essence–––there's that word again–––simple melodic phrases and hooky ostinatos that subvert the complications of the lyrics. The result is this first release, a 7" on White Iris Records. Recorded live, Roman Ruins (side A) and Carelessness (side B) are soaring and dark and glittering and nostalgic, like the soundtrack to an epic coming-of-age story.
So, two songs. Two guys named Brian. Two shapes. Ohio and California.
Cave paintings. Line & Circle. Everything, forever.
Debut 7" single Roman Ruins / Carelessness out 7/10/12 on White Iris.
*Photo by Megan Kathleen McIsaac
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