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Survival Knife

Survival Knife

Pink Avalanche, Hungry Ghost

Tue, November 18, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Survival Knife
Survival Knife
When Unwound broke up in 2002, the pioneering post-rock band left a hole in the musical firmament that dozens of acts have been trying and failing to patch up in the years since. Try as they might, they could never quite reach the perfect balance of tension and release, spiny and smooth that made the Olympia-based trio’s work so damn powerful.

That is until Survival Knife came to life.

Bringing together two ex-Unwound bandmates Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, Survival Knife is another bracing and energetic shot to the dome by these singular songwriters, and one that they are eager to embrace.

The first major statement to arrive from this new project is Loose Power, the debut full-length from Survival Knife, out April 29th on Glacial Pace Recordings. Working with longtime Unwound cohorts Stuart Hallerman (he recorded the album with Matt Buscher) and Steve Fisk (who handled the mixing), and mastered by the venerable Bob Weston (he of Shellac and Mission of Burma infamy), the seven-song album weds the riffage of classic rock with the feverish angular pulse of post-punk/post-hardcore.

Lyrically, Trosper circles back on the existential and global concerns that marked much of Unwound’s best material. This time around, though, his words feel more cutting and direct. He tears the financial industry to shreds (“Heaven Has No Eyes”) and touches on global paranoia (the title track), while also leaving you with the devastating image of a lone man running away from his own despair (“Fell Runner”).

Getting to this point, however, took some doing. Unlike all of his former musical brethren, singer/guitarist Trosper didn’t have any interest in music after Unwound split. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles for a stretch, going to school and helping other bands with recording projects. But after returning to his hometown of Olympia, the itch to take up his guitar against the world returned, and, with the help of longtime musical companion Sandeno and his friends Kris Cunningham (drums) and Meg Cunningham (bass), Survival Knife was born.

The quartet already garnered a great deal of attention. The West Coast has already had a taste of what Survival Knife has to offer thanks to plenty of NW dates and a tour the band did last year with Modest Mouse. And the world has been well-primed thanks to the band’s 7” releases on Sub Pop and Kill Rock Stars. Once Loose Power is in the world, there will be little hope of holding back and soon we’ll all be following Survival Knife into the abyss.
Pink Avalanche
Pink Avalanche
Pink Avalanche reunites guitarist/vocalist Che Arthur (ex-Atombombpocketknife) and drummer Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows), who had previously played together in the Chicago/Alabama trio Universal Life and Accident and on Arthur’s solo albums.

"Adam and I hadn’t played together in years, but around the end of 2010 or early 2011 I had recently come up with a bunch of parts of songs. That came up in a phone conversation we had one day and so we decided to get together and throw some of those ideas around. Pretty soon we had a few songs."

Those writing sessions quickly became recording sessions, and as an album began to take shape Arthur and Reach began to realize it was time to fill out what had been a “project” into a full band. Enter guitarist Kortland Chase (ex-Chatty Cathy) and bassist Pete Croke (Tight Phantomz, Brokeback)

"Kortland and I had been friends for years, and ran into each other at a restaurant shortly after his band Chatty Cathy ended. He told me he wanted to get into a new project, and I gave him the Pink Avalanche recordings to check out and see if he wanted to come over and play some time. When he came over he’d already learned all of the songs! I couldn’t believe it. Our playing styles meshed instantly and he was in.

Adam and I had both played with Pete before in different projects and were both good friends with him, so we knew he was the bass player we wanted to ask. We set a date and got the four of us together in a room, and when we started playing it came together effortlessly."

Pink Avalanche’s “Wraiths” album was released digitally on Past/Futures Records on May 28, 2013.
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost, a Portland supergroup of obscure '90s indie rockers, was born of decades long friendships and mutual admiration. Stewed and simmered in the cauldrons of Olympia post-punk, Portland experimentalism, and New Mexican trash-garage, Hungry Ghost is Sara Lund (Unwound, Corin Tucker Band) on drums, Andrew Price (Irving Klaw Trio) on guitar, and the Lorca Wood attack (The Drags) on bass. Masterfully produced by PacNW indie rock legend Sam Coomes (Quasi, Heatmiser, Elliot Smith, Pink Mountain, Crock, etc), who also contributes guest keyboards on the album, these recordings manage to capture the focused, gritty edge and hypnotic raw power of the band’s live performances. In addition to the aforementioned bands, nods are given to influencers as far and wide as Led Zeppelin, Erkin Koray, Alice Coltrane, The Groundhogs, The Staple Singers, John Fahey, Black Sabbath, Pussy Galore, Nick Drake, The Kinks, X, Joy Division, The Gories, desert blues, and African Psychedelia of the '60s and '70s.

“You can tell (or at least I can tell) when a band is playing together for the joy of it, for the love of rocking; where all other aspirations are secondary at best, where you never feel for a second that the band is trying to put one over on you. Hungry Ghost! This music is spare, honed down to essentials – there is no faking it at this level. There’s no need to know what hip, respected underground bands the players were previously members of at whatever time in the past – this band doesn’t really sound like them anyway; but suffice it to say these are real players, their cred is legit. The distillation of classic American forms (and I consider punk a classic American form, as much as blues and jazz) into a simultaneously familiar and individual sound is relatively common strategy, but in practice it is extremely difficult to pull off with anything resembling a natural, uncontrived result. Hungry Ghost! But then this isn’t theoretical stuff – you just have to hear it and feel it – if you do this, it’s there, I’m telling you! At which point they won’t need me to justify it with verbiage.” – Sam Coomes

"Led Zeppelin meets ESG" (J. Funk, Helll, Tokyo)

"Hungry Ghost extrapolates from a bluesy, guitar-forward template into a gloriously unpredictable din that recalls better times" (Portland Monthly)

"That's really cool, mom" (Milo, age 11)
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