1131 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19147

The Rocketboys

The Rocketboys

Sun Cinema, The Stammer

Thu, January 29, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is all ages

The Rocketboys
The Rocketboys
The Texas landscape in which The Rocketboys formed has many parallels to their music: Vast, yet sparse; desolate, yet rich and abundant. Often eschewing familiar lyrical themes of romance and love for songs of brotherhood, family, life, and death, The Rocketboys’ catalogue chronicles the band’s journey throughout its existence.

The group was born in college dorm rooms in Abilene, TX and swiftly achieved critical acclaim from their debut EP “Sing, Bird, Sing” and LP “20,000 Ghosts”. In 2011, 3 of the original 6 members departed, and the band teetered on breaking up. Cautiously attempting to work as a three piece, remaining members Brandon Kinder (singer & guitarist), Justin Wiseman (keyboards) and Josh Campbell (bass), resiliently crafted “Build Anyway” (2012) – a lush, cathartic album which cemented The Rocketboys’ status as a formidable rock band.

A strong track record of commercial success testifies to The Rocketboys’ keen ability to create and capture unique, emotional musical experiences. “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice,” “Elementary,” and many others have channeled the band’s thematic energy. Reviews often highlight the band’s parity to textural acts such as Band of Horses and Death Cab for Cutie while retaining the mass appeal of Coldplay, The Verve and Keane.

No strangers to the road (the band will perform its 700th show this year), The Rocketboys continually find fans across the country with a powerful live show. Armed with a growing collection of new material for a third full-length album, The Rocketboys have begun recording with multi-grammy winning producer, Joe Chicarelli (Manchester Orchestra, The Strokes, The Shins).
Sun Cinema
Sun Cinema was formed in March of 2012 in the house known as "Salmon" on the edge of the burgeoning Fishtown neigborhood. With an environment of total musical freedom, both creative and physical, Salmon has been the birthplace and home of several bands and a residence for most of Sun Cinema's members. This project was created to be a top tier live and studio band without limits on style or ambition.
The Stammer
The Stammer
Four piece post rock band from Philadelphia, Pa.

The Stammer is made in the future and a space ship is stuck near Neptune. The Stammer is very sad because his wife has died. When they go to the space ship, they find that everyone has killed themselves, and it all looks very scary. Then they find out that the ship has been to another dimension and it is like hell and everyone sees their worst nightmares.

The Stammer sees his wife in his dream, and she tells him to pull his eyes out. The Stammer then walks around without any eyes and starts to kill people. They send him out to space, but he does not die. People get very scared. Even when they kill The Stammer, they still see him.
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The Boot & Saddle
1131 S. Broad Street
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