1131 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19147



Sick Feeling, Faking

Sat, February 21, 2015

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over


1. Destroy utterly; wipe out.
2. Cause to become invisible or indistinct; blot out.

efface - erase - delete - wipe out - expunge - annihilate

Obliterations are:
Sam James Velde (Vocals), Austin Barber (Bass), Stephen McBean (Guitar) and Flo Schanze (Drums).

They all played and play in other bands including Black Mountain, Saviours, Bluebird, Night Horse and Pink Mountaintops but they are also the first band to ever play music.

They all started playing together in November 2012 after inventing music.

They all like Black Sabbath and Black Flag.

They all drink beer.

They all like to play music that is fast, slow, and heavy.

They all live in Los Angeles, CA.

They all play in Obliterations but have different roles within the band.

You're welcome.
Sick Feeling
Sick Feeling
We are a hardcore band located in New York, New York.

Jesse Miller-Gordon
Don Devore
Danny Wood
Alan Yuch
Ruthless and machine stamped from the same kind of sonic foundry that used to produce menacing flyover state noise rock. An alloy of the rudest abrasive mathy angularity found in the nineties Amrep and Touch & Go camps, harkening back to an era of uncorrupted sonic battery. And Faking does it without the self-conscious sneer of retro-scene boot-licking – these men know the world of which they speak, this trio having been assembled out of the wreckage of seminal PA noise rock bands Gunna Vahm and Midiron Blast Shaft (both Reptilian alums).

The crunchy buzz saw riffs hammer down with calculated repetition and bleed into reverb drenched seasick leads. The vocals invoke threat, like a crime scene report read aloud long after an urgent warning wasn’t received. Thunderous rolling bass. Truly massive drums. The right kind of nastiness for the wrong kind of people. Full length album due in 2015.
Venue Information:
The Boot & Saddle
1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19147