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Francisco The Man

Francisco The Man

Jackson Scott, The Fantastic Imagination

Tue, February 17, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Francisco The Man
Francisco The Man
It took roughly seven years, a teenage instrumental rock band, a debut EP, additions and subtractions, a roller rick and a near death experience to arrive at Francisco The Man. Following a two-year hiatus beginning in 2008, the band relocated from Riverside to Los Angeles, CA, bringing along a new addition, guitarist Brock Woolsey. With the help of Small Plates Records, they released two 7"s, In the Corners and Tiger.

Their debut LP, Loose Ends (released on October 27 via Fat Possum and Small Plates Records) gives the audience a more encompassing look at Francisco the Man. With each song, more and more honesty permeates through the lyrics. "I think the LP shows a broader, more realized, version of Francisco The Man," Scotty Cantino explains. "You can't do that with a single".

From the beginning of the first track, questions and anxieties are the substance. With each subsequent verse and track, they seem to find the answers in themselves. "Even though I write the songs, we really hash them out… Arrangements and parts are formed on the fly. It's constant improvisation," Scotty says. Each song comes in with a certain message, but with a sound that blends garage rock, new wave, and shoegaze, the message becomes enveloped in something complete different.
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott has developed out of a weird audacity; bending spoons with apocalyptic melodies, sugared with solipsistic textures. How did the world conceive this young cosmonaut? A college dropout with a 4-track and a one-track mind. A listener and a conceiver. His voice, whether pitched up or androgynous, speaks of a still life. But painting is meaningless, songs irrelevant, aura outdated if you are a revivalist. Jackson is not.

The upcoming debut Melbourne shows we're all alone together, sharing the same tragedies, ecstasies and phenomenon. He conspired it out of isolation, deprivation and hunger…you can't survive on candy. Jackson's transmutative live act is to that of the occultist – achieving eternal perfection. A trio that is liquidating the senses, seeking the perfect elixir, channeling kraut, punk, surf and pop as one psych rock solvent.
The Fantastic Imagination
The Fantastic Imagination
Guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Josh Meakim of the band A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW describes his new side project THE FANTASTIC IMAGINATION as such: "For now this is just some weird recording project where I can do whatever I want and call it one thing. One week I may decide to make songs for a musical called American Taxicab Werewolf. Maybe Ill decide to take a ride in the Electronic Spaceship of Music tomorrow. All in the name of cool music that I would like to listen to. Ill keep posting random unfinished songs and maybe one day soon Ill have enough finished songs to finish a finished collection of finished songs. I used to be in a band called Dragon City and this is sort of the continuation of whatever that was all about. Sorry Im not rocking out as much, Im almost deaf. However my love for noise will certainly be revisited upon finishing these songs. I am open to lyrical suggestions since I have little literal inspiration these days. "
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