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Sick Panda

Sick Panda

Stars Apart, Jesse Gimbel

Wed, May 27, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Sick Panda
Sick Panda
Stars Apart
Stars Apart
Simply put, Stars Apart is true to form with the elements of real rock & roll….great melodies, power, and feel mixed with captivating hooks with riffs that drive the band’s own unique rock sound. Fostered from the seeds of post punk and retro alternative, the band’s influences are present in their music, yet originality is very evident when listening to Stars Apart. The band features polished and insightful songwriting that punches through each note with guitars, drums, and vocals guiding the sound and energy.
Based out of the NJ/Philadelphia area, Stars Apart is made up of stalwart local players; Mike DeCastro on vocals/guitar/keys, James Becker on guitar/vocals, Brian Wilkinson on bass and Rob Martin on drums. The 2nd full length record from Stars Apart Under The Bunker, released in late 2016, captures a sensationally produced snapshot of the band reaching a high mark with their sound. Stars Apart is playing live to support this highly anticipated release.
Jesse Gimbel
Jesse Gimbel is a multi-instrumentalist and the owner of Jesse Gimbel's Basement recording studio located in the Philadelphia area. From the performance of guitar, bass, drums, and piano to expertise in each step of the recording process, Jesse is self-taught and knows all aspects of what it takes to make a great record.

Jesse's current job role as an audio engineer in his recording studio led to more producing decisions than solely engineering, which is exemplified in his latest album, called Decathect (2014, Wissahickon Records). Jesse worked on Decathect in between recording and jobs for his different notable clients. While balancing recording albums, filming studio sessions, and a love for photography, Jesse was able to take the time to create the album he wanted, down to the last note. In his work, you can hear the heart and thought that went into every note. Jesse has also recorded himself preforming covers and originals in studio sessions that has gained him a strong following on Youtube, as well as other social networks.

Gaining comparisons to Death Cab For Cutie, Conor Oberst, and Elliott Smith, Jesse has now recruited members from September Call-Up (Christian Bitto) and Night Windows (Ben Hughes, Ryan Buzby) and James Suit to lend a skilled hand in recreating the album in an energetic, explosive, cinematic live setting
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The Boot & Saddle
1131 S. Broad Street
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