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SAVAK, Easy Creatures

Tue, November 10, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Boot & Saddle

Philadelphia, PA

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is 21 and over

In 1985, there was a younger punk scene forming in Washington, D.C. around Sammich Records, a label co-founded by Amanda MacKaye, the younger sister of Dischord Records co-founder Ian Mackaye. The first Sammich release was a split 7" EP called "Thanks". One side was a young band from Arlington called Mission Impossible (featuring a young Dave Grohl on drums) and on the other side was a new band out of Wilson High School called Lunchmeat, who would soon change their name to Soulside.

Soulside quickly became very popular and released their first full-length album on Sammich in 1986. Shortly thereafter their bass player, Chris Thomson (who later played in Ignition, Circus Lupus and Monorchid), left the band and was replaced by Johnny Temple.

Soulside went on to release an EP, a single, and an album for Dischord Records and toured regularly, both in the US and in Europe. In the spring of 1989, the band set out with Eli as both roadie and sound engineer on a 3-month European tour which culminated with the recording of "Hot Bodi-Gram" in Holland. After returning home, Bobby Sullivan left the band, and a year or so later Eli joined the other three to form Girls vs. Boys. Sammich later re-issued Soul Side's debut album onto CD for the first time in 2004. The band's Dischord releases were culled onto one CD, "Soon Come Happy", released in 1990 and re-mastered in 2003.
Good evening and welcome to the cramped but official control room of SAVAK, an almost unprecedented contemporary rock music happening that began unceremoniously on the fetid bank of the Gowanus Canal (in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, on the westernmost portion of Long Island).

SAVAK formed in mid-1963 [2015 -ed.] by poets Michael Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion with Greg Simpson on bass guitar. Soon afterward, they were joined by drummers Matt Schulz and Benjamin Van Dyke (FYI: no relation to the other, more famous, Van Dyke) of the Rafael Nadal Singers. Habibion suggested the band name from an in-group euphemism for "hated and feared" from a previously misread line in Sue Grafton's internationally best-selling thriller, "A" Is for Albini.

The band's original core members have been joined at various times by a number of others, some of whom have played instruments before and even been members of other bands, including Dank Chuff, Thee Overheard Moans, Wonderfunk Soulpatch, Cuckoo's Nest Egg and Extreme Clapping. And their Wednesday night "Freshen-Up!" jam sessions shouldn't go unmentioned considering regular drop-ins from the the likes of Mr. Dranx (powered pedalboard), "Phil" Hamilton, DDS (trumpet & sax), Flemish Wish (rototoms), and P-cmd ©1975 (African bass harp).

Currently finishing up the last round of player piano and kick drum overdubs in Uncle Junior's private studio, SAVAK is looking forward to shopping it's debut album to the industry's top lawyers, local plumbers, and possibly a few well-heeled podcast enthusiasts, hoping to find the lowest royalty rate in the history of western civilization. Forging a kind of rock-biz synergy with earthy professionalism and a raw food diet, the boys should be enjoying a cultural unpacking so transcendent that even the quasi-desperate fling of an as-yet-unnamed executive at the online dating app that dominates the UK dating scene should be versed in SAVAK-itutde by Q2 2016.

In a scene filled with satire, self-satire, unintended satire, and the occasional satyr, SAVAK's often frank and emotionally political lyrics have caused a hostile reaction in some quarters, most notably the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The group may soon be referenced several times in the FBI file on the D-beat of Discharge, where an excerpt might mention ten or eleven songs from SAVAK's First Album that are "vulgar and repulsive." But the band remains unruffled and unflapped. They march on to the steady aerophonic pulse of their own didgeridoo with the exuberant sensitivity of a troop of eleventh-century Indian Buddhist sages.
"Nobody who lived through the '90s thought the '00s could've existed. So there's always hope."

SAVAK—often redacted, never paraphrased.

Michael Jaworski – vocals
Sohrab Habibion – vocals
Greg Simpson – vocals
Matt Schulz – vocals, conga
Benjamin Van Dyke – fiddle, harmonica, vocals
Easy Creatures
Easy Creatures is a rock band from Philadelphia, PA.

Shane Evans-Voice
Joe Konrad-Bass
Mark McKinney-Guitar
... Joey Simpers-Guitar
Jeff Tirabassi-Drums

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Easy Creatures is a new melodic post-hardcore band from Philly made up of some of Delaware's most notorious transplants to the big city. The group includes members of Walleye, Blackthroat, Railhed and The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza.

After years of fronting more aggressive acts singer Shane Evans has returned to his roots, eschewing mayhem for melody. His clean, emotive vocals – a cross betwee...n Shawn Brown and Greg Dulli -- drive an angular and tight band of veterans who still have the zeal of kids making their first album.

With an approach reminiscent of Samiam and early Jawbox, Easy Creatures have a consummate Delaware "run-off" sound – an amalgamation of the music from surrounding cities like D.C., Philly, New York and Baltimore – topped off with the angst that comes from living nowhere and everywhere all at once.
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The Boot & Saddle
1131 S. Broad Street
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